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Dongguk Global MBA

The Dongguk Global MBA is a full-time, AACSB-accredited master's program that aims to produce creative and resourceful leaders with expert knowledge of international management theory and a grounding in practical management experience.
From applied theory specialist courses to practical program, our Global MBA program caters to the needs of today's managers : the managerial confidence to drive innovation and change, with the resourcefulness and practicality that marks out steady leadership.
For students keen to vary their international education, Dongguk offers dual degree and exchange programs for MBA students top universities at America, China. Expand your horizons with the Dongguk Global MBA. It's a worthwhile investment in developing your career.

Required Courses Specialized Courses
Spring Semester Fall Semester Spring Semester Fall Semester
• Economics and Business Ethics*
• Business Statistic
• Analysis of Organizational Behavior
• Financial Accounting
• Emerging Topic on Business Information Technologies
• Marketing
• Financial Management
• Operations Management
• Marketing Communication
• Consumer Psychology and Behavior
• Investment and Securities
• Decision Making with Business Data Analysis
• Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation
• Business Persuasion and Negotiation

• Strategic Human Resource Management
• Managerial Accounting
• Strategic Management
• Practical Leadership and Management 
• Business Analysis and Valuation

*Must be taken.

※ Courses are subject to change.
1) Requirements for graduation are minimum 45 credits and 3.0 GPA
2) Required courses must be completed for graduation
3) Maximum 13 credits can be taken in a semester 

东国Global MBA

由AASCB认证的东国Global MBA全日制硕士课程旨在培养兼具国际经营理论专业知识以及实务经验基础的既具创意又有能力的优秀管理人才。从应用理论课程到实践项目,Global MBA中文项目全方位地满足了现今管理者的需求。我校为培养推动创新和变革的管理者设置了相应课程,并大力寻求实现稳定领导力的资源和实用性。东国大MBA中文项目为满足国际教育的多样化,同时提供中韩翻译以达到多文化背景的学生可以相互交流的目的。东国Global MBA将锻造初更广阔的国际化视野。这是对自我提升与事业发展都有意义的投资。

专业课 专业课

• 经济学
• 管理会计
• 投资
• 组织行动分析
• 财务会计

• 人事管理

• 最新商业消息技术
• 市场营销
• 财务管理
• 运营管理
• 营销传播

• 品质管理

• 消费者心理与行为
• 股票投资论
• K-Culture & Business
• 企业家精神和新企业创建

• Current issues in Global Business

• 营销资料分析及决策模型

• 商业说服及谈判磋商技巧
• 战略管理
• 经营统计
• 客户关系管理/供应链管理CRM/SCM
• 实用领导力管理

• 创业论


※ 课程可能会有所变动。
1) 毕业要求至少 45 学分、GPA不得少于 3.0
2) 每学期最多可修 13 学分